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“Looking for pirate treasures we find nature and fascinating stories”

Mirando al Mar is one of the newest glamping sites in the region; here you can take a break from the city and soak up brand new expiriences!

You can do anything from taking peaceful walks along the stunning and rough Pacific Coast to climbing onto enormous rocks, discovering strange Cacti, searching for Sea Urchins, Anemones and other various marine creatures.

With a little luck you can observe gorgeous whales during the summertime or dolphins year round. If you look a little closer though you may even get to see the protected Coastal Otters which are locally known by the name Chungungos.


Our home, “El Arrayan Costero”, is located 22 km north of the city of La Serena. It is a region with unique flora and fauna. In the most respectful way possible we would love to share this little paradise and the diversity of this seemingly barren region with you.


Mirando al Mar chile


“Mirando al Mar” is a family run business by Paulo and Karin. We love: Being on the road, peace and tranquility, discovering things, meeting new people, good food, our morning coffee, a glass of wine at sunset and toasted marshmallows. With our “Mirando al Mar” we are realizing a long-cherished dream. In a small Eco Glamping setting we would love to share with others the things that weexperienced and appreciated on our travels.

Mirando al Mar chile - Camping con un toque de glamour

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How to get here?

Pick-up service

We are happy to pick up our guests at the bus terminal or airport for a small fee.

By public transport

From La Serena (Pasarela Lider) you can take the buses to "Caleta los Hornos", "Punta de Choros" or "La Huigera". We will be happy to personally explain the exact place to get off.

By car

Mirando al Mar is located 22 km north of the town of La Serena, about 2 km from the Ruta 5 Norte motorway. We will be happy to explain and coordinate the exact route personally.

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