in the region

We are more than happy to organize and help you arrange fun activities throughout the region, anything from excursions to tours or simply helping you get in touch with local tourism experts.

Astro Night

Here the expert in Astro-tourism Jorge Retamal will take you out for a one night trip to gaze and learn about the magical skies of the Norte Chico Chileno.

With your professional telescope you will be able to observe and discover the magnificence of the stars that are part of one of the clearest skies in the world.

Accompanied by a warm bonfire and a glass of local wine, we will find out more about our great nature.



The Vicinity & Beaches


In the vicinity you will be also find guides to various paradisiacal beaches such as  Playa Temblador (Chungungo), the famous 12 beaches of the city of La Serena or Playa la Despensa (Caleta Los Hornos).

If you have previously explored this then we also organize a trip to enjoy Paragliding from one of the manu beautiful dunes in the area.

Estancia Maray

A local goat farm with a variety of delicious cheeses in production, owned by local people who can tell you more about the historical past of the place and its role as a mine to extract gold in the wealthy Spanish Colonial Era.

Traditional destinations

Humboldt Penguin National Reserve

90min. from Eco Glamping Mirando al Mar.

An extraordinary journey to a park which includes 9 insland and a boat tour of approximately 3hrs which will take you to the natural habitat of various marine species which include birds, fish, dolphins and whales.

You may even be able to watch the dolophins and whales swin next to your boat which is one of the many wonderful events you can partake in.

Elqui Valley

2h from Eco Glamping Mirando al Mar.

The famous Elqui Valley is a place recognized worldwide by its mystical, magical and powerful properties. It’s an ideal travel spot for any tourist interested in Astronomical Observation, Scientific Observatories, exploring various Villages, Trekking and/or basking in the totality of nature.

These activities can be done by Foot, bike or horseback riding.

After a beautiful fulfilling day of exploring you can then enjoy delicious drinks that the village of Pisco can offer; with its many vineyards and distilleries you won’t want to miss out on trying the award winning Pisco and wines of the country.

It is also home to the Nobel Prize Winner ‘Gabriela Mistrals’ life and work of poetry and astonishing literature.

Bosque Fray Jorge National Park

2h from Eco Glamping Mirando al Mar.

The Fray Jorge National Park is a World Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO) and Starlight Reserve and is characterized by having a relict coastal forest and its main attraction is being a place with the characteristics of a lush Valdivian forest next to the most arid desert in the world; Atacama desert.

Other activities