Taking care of yourself is a priority

We are committed to the health of our guests

Ecoglamping developed a health protocol for the management and prevention of COVID-19.

New sanitary processes!

Priority to enter ecoglamping!

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Coronavirus symptoms!

Fiebre sobre 37,5. y dolor de cabeza


Dificultad para respirar y dolor de garganta.

Do not forget!

Always wear a mask when you are in contact with people or on the street.

Always wear a mask when you are in contact with people or on the street.

Do not attend crowds or meetings with more than 5 people.

Use tissue or tissue when you sneeze AND / or cough.

Use rubbing alcohol or antiseptics on your hands frequently.

Keep your distance at least 1 meter apart, even better if there are two.

Avoid shaking hands or kissing.

Wash hands frequently.

If you feel mild symptoms, such as a cough or a sore throat, but no fever, it is recommended that you take care of yourself at home.

Sequence of hand washing

Washing your hands frequently is a priority.

Wet your hands, turn off the tap, and add liquid soap or bar.

Use plenty of bar soap on both hands.

Use plenty of liquid soap on both hands.

Rub the palms of your hands together.

Rub the thumbs of each hand with a rotary motion

Rub the back of the fingers with the opposite palm and vice versa

Rub up to the forearms for complete disinfection

Rub the fingertips of your right hand against your left palm, and vice versa.

Rub between the fingers of both hands.

Rinse your hands with water.

Completely clean hand.