Taking care of our natural resources IS EVERYONE'S TASK ...

We CONTRIBUTE with our grain of sand.

Recycling of waste

Waste is of course separated. The material can be conveniently disposed of in appropriate containers, and we take care of correct disposal in the city.

Hot water shower

The water from the shower and washbasin is collected and used for watering. For this reason, we recommend our guests to use the shampoos, soaps and shower products provided by us, as these are 100% biodegradable. The hot water shower works with a water pump (solar energy) and a flow heater (gas). This is not yet the perfect solution, but at the moment the best way to guarantee hot water.

Solar energy

Our solar panels enable the operation of the minibar and water pump as well as the charging of mobile phones, laptops, cameras, light, etc.. In order to guarantee the optimal function of the energy system, we do not have any appliances that need a lot of electricity (hair dryer, kettle, TV, etc.).

Compost closet

The composting toilet works with a separation system of liquid and solid materials. The corresponding glass fibre separator was made by a Surfboard manufacturer from Serena in order to avoid importing from Europe. The urine is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:4 and used as plant fertilizer, the solid materials are covered with sawdust and later dried in a prepared compost and used as manure.